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Why choose Lotus TechPros?

We offer comprehensive IT services called [Complete]® and we back them up with exceptional expertise, the latest and best technology, and a commitment to earning your trust every day. We provide the kind of results and reliability that help businesses thrive.

How is [Complete]® different than other managed services?

While other IT companies provide support when you have a problem, [Complete]® is designed to proactively assure you don’t have problems in the first place. This uniquely comprehensive, predictable, flat-fee service, allows us to manage all your IT — Macs, servers, networks, cloud services as well as other tech specifically tailored to your business — and keep it up to date and running trouble-free. In doing so we solve two key issues businesses face when investing in tech: cost and technical competency. Our finely tuned best-practices developed through years of experience deliver peace of mind regarding the quality and reliability of your technology as well as the costs of acquiring and maintaining it.

How do we implement [Complete]®?

  1. Our goal is to always be effective without being disruptive so we begin with a technical assessment meeting that generally takes about two hours. Approximately ten days later, we followup with a solution plan and budget. Once the plan and budget are approved, it takes about two weeks to procure any necessary new equipment.

  2. We then set up and test all equipment at our offices while simultaneously coordinating with other third parties like cloud services providers, internet service providers, cabling installers and others to complete preparations for deployment at your site your site.

  3. When off-site equipment testing and on-site preparations are completed, we coordinate a mutually convenient weekend to install your new IT systems with as little disruption to your operations as possible.

  4. We are on-site during initial roll-out to ensure everything is working well. We also coach your team to get them up to speed on the new system quickly and effortlessly. Initial setup typically takes 60 to 90 days from approval to installation, and ongoing maintenance and support continue for the term of the agreement. 

  5. 3 months before the agreement end date, we start over with an assessment, upgrade and replace all equipment as needed and renew the agreement.

What is not included in [Complete]®?

Costs related to physical damage, theft or relocation are not included. Such costs are usually covered by business insurance or budgeted separately.

Is there a fee for initial discovery appointments?

No. To aid us in the discovery process, all we require is that you fill out a questionnaire when making the appointment.

How long is the [Complete]® Agreement?

3 years. There are no up-front costs and the client pays a monthly, flat-fee that includes initial set-up, new equipment and ongoing maintenance, support and warranty work. When a [Complete]® agreement is renewed at the end of 3 years, all equipment is replaced with new equipment.

How much does [Complete]® cost?

The flat monthly fee varies depending on the equipment, services and business-specific solutions your company needs.  These factors are all assessed during discovery, and your monthly fee is presented when we meet to discuss the results of our discovery assessment.

Can [Complete] be implemented using Windows and Android devices?

We are experts at integrating Macs and iPads into a Windows-centric businesses. We stick with Apple products when managing desktops, laptops and tablets, though. We find Windows and Android devices are simply not cost effective in creating a user experience and security capability comparable to what Apple products provide. We are experts at moving a Windows based business to Apple.

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