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Elevate consumer-grade Wi-Fi to business-grade for your work-from-home workers

Employee productivity and the security and reliability of your business communications can be compromised by slow performance and network interruptions common to consumer-grade Wi-Fi.  Home WiFi Plus from Lotus TechPros is designed to give your work-from-home employees business-grade performance you can depend on.

Using business-grade Meraki Go hardware from Cisco, our Home WiFi Plus solution can replace or supplement existing home Wi-Fi networks.  Utilizing a smartphone app that makes set-up simple, your employees can be up and running in minutes.


Home WiFi Plus provides a secure barrier between home and business networks that keeps malware on home devices from impacting business-use devices.  It also monitors and protects all Internet traffic from home devices, and can even manage bandwidth allocation to ensure business use is not compromised by high-traffic apps like Netflix of online gaming.  And, if issues run deeper, Lotus TechPros can work directly with your ISP to repair or upgrade your internet services.

Deploy Home WiFi Plus one of these three ways:

  • Preconfigured: We help you determine what each work-from-home employee needs then preconfigure and ship the necessary gear.  Using Zoom, we walk them through the connection process. 

  • Full-service: We preconfigure and walk your work-from-home employees through the installation process via Zoom, then provide ongoing network monitoring, alerts, updates and support.

For ultimate work-from-home Wi-Fi security and performance, click here or call Lotus TechPros today at 832 730 1200.

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Products for Best Practice Setup:


  • APC BackUPS:
    Cost: $79 (est)
    Buy Now


  • Business Class or Own Modem:


  • Meraki Go Gateway:
    Amazon: B07Z5CV8KN
    Cost: $149 (est)
    Buy Now

Meraki GO Gateway
  • Meraki Go PoE Ethernet Switch:
    Amazon: B0825DTJQT
    Cost: $220 (est)
    Buy Now

  • Meraki Go Wireless Access Point (Outdoor):
    Amazon: B07GX5BHNS
    Cost: $199 (est)
    Buy Now

  • Meraki Go Wireless Access Point (Indoor):
    Amazon: B07GX1RHST
    Cost: $149 (est)
    Buy Now

Meraki GO PoE Ethernet Switch
Meraki GO Wireless Access Outdoor
Meraki GO Wireless Access Indoor

For the ultimate in Wi-Fi security and performance for work-from-home, contact Lotus TechPros


7676 Hillmont St. STE. 195

Houston, TX 77040


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