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Pro Tip: How to Use Hidden Flight Tracker in iMessage

During the holidays and travel, flight delays and congested airports can be stressful on family, friends, and yourself. Although, if you and your loved ones have iMessage, communicating schedule times and location is easy.

iMessage has a built-in flight tracking tool containing real-time information regarding gate changes, departures, arrivals, and baggage claim numbers. The only thing you need to do is message someone the airline name and flight number via iMessage, not SMS.

Within said message, here's the following formats that are applicable in enabling the flight tracker:

- Airline abbreviation (no space) + flight number

- Airline abbreviation + flight number

- Airline + flight number

Once you send the message, make sure the format is underlined - displaying a hyperlink.

How to track flights in iMessage:

  1. Send a iMessage to a recipient

  2. You or the recipient tap the underlined message to see a pull-up menu with the following options; copy the flight code onto your iPhone or "Preview Flight" to see details and real-time tracking

  3. The Preview Flight option will display another window with flight information


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