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Pro Tip: Add Emergency Contacts on iPhone

With iPhone, you can add emergency contacts that will give you the extra piece of mind as you go about your day. Emergency contacts serve as backup when you make a call with SOS. First, your local emergency number (such as 911) is dialed, and next your emergency contacts through text message. Your emergency contacts also receive updates on your current location after an emergency has been reported.

How to add emergency contacts

  • Open the Health app

  • Tap your profile picture

  • Tap Medical ID

  • Tap Edit, then scroll down to Emergency Contacts

  • Tap the Add (+) button to add a contact

  • Tap a contact and add their relationship

  • Tap Done to save your changes

To remove emergency contacts, go back to your Medical ID and tap Edit. Next, tap the delete (-) button next to the contacts you wish to remove. Tap Done to save your changes.



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