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Pro Tip: Create multiple desktops on your Mac

Don’t want to get to the point where you have so many apps open that you seem to spend most of your time hunting down a particular window? If so, there's a little trick you can do to organize your windows into multiple, self-contained desktops that will simplify your life. Apple’s multiple desktop feature can be found within the Mission Control screen, accessed either by pressing 'F3' or using a three-finger upward swipe on the trackpad.

The main Mission Control window displays all your open tabs, applications and windows and towards the top of the screen you’ll also find all your desktops. By default, macOS has a single desktop for each connected display, which appears as a thumbnail in the Mission Control toolbar. You can create additional desktops by clicking the '+' icon.

Getting organized. Once you’ve created two or more desktops, you can launch applications in each desktop independently, for example if you switch to Desktop 2 and then launch Mail, then the Mail app will appear in Desktop 2 only. You can also relocate applications from one desktop to the next by opening Mission Control, locating the app window and then dragging it onto the desktop thumbnail you'd like to move it to.

Once you’ve created at least two desktop views, you can switch between these desktops by selecting the corresponding desktop thumbnail in the Mission Control toolbar. You can create as many desktops as you want by clicking the ‘+’ icon. To remove a desktop, simply hover over the desktop thumbnail in Mission Control and press ‘x’.


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