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Pro Tip: Express Mode on iPhone

With Express Mode, you can use some of your cards, keys, and passes in Apple Wallet without waking or unlocking your device, or authenticating with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. You might even be able to use your card, pass, or key when your device needs to be charged. When you add an eligible transit card or other compatible card, pass, or key to Apple Wallet, Express Mode is turned on by default. You can also change which card, pass, or key is set to Express Mode.

How to set up Express mode

  • Open the Wallet app

  • Select a card, pass, or key

  • Tap the More button (...)

  • Tap Express Transit Settings or Express Mode

  • Select your preferred transit card or payment card

How to use Express Mode

  • Hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader

  • When the transaction is successful, a checkmark and "Done" will appear on your device

Compatible cards, keys, and passes include: Transit cards, payment cards, student IDs, car keys, hotel room keys, and other compatible passes.


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