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Pro Tip: Get cycling directions in Maps on iPhone

In the Maps app, you can get detailed cycling directions. Maps offers routes on bike paths, bike lanes, and bike-friendly roads. You can preview the elevation for your ride, check how busy a road is, and choose a route that best avoids hills.

As you travel along your route, Maps speaks cycling-specific directions for turns and maneuvers. With a handlebar mount for iPhone, you can glance at the directions on the iPhone screen. Or with Apple Watch, you can glance at them on your wrist. (Handlebar mount and Apple Watch sold separately.)

Note: Cycling directions are available in select areas, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, and multiple cities in China. Features vary by country and region. See the iOS and iPadOS Feature Availability website.

Get directions for cycling

1) Do one of the following:

  • Say something like “Hey Siri, give me cycling directions home.” Learn how to ask Siri.

  • Tap your destination (such as a landmark on a map), tap Directions, then tap the Cycle button.

  • Touch and hold any spot on the map, tap Directions, then tap the Cycle button.

2) Tap Go for the route you want. Note: Before you tap Go, you can select other route options. For example, you can choose to avoid hills or busy roads.

You can turn off voice directions, change the volume, or change the audio output device. See Change audio settings for turn-by-turn directions in Maps on iPhone.

To end directions at any time, tap End, or say something like “Hey Siri, stop navigating.”

Note: Instead of viewing turn-by-turn directions, you can see an overview map of your route or all of its directions in a list.


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