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Pro Tip: How to Screen Share in Messages on Mac

For troubleshooting problems on your Mac, screen sharing with a helpful colleague or technician is easier than experimenting on your own. Screen sharing on Messages can also be helpful when trying to show something to a friend or family member.

Keep in mind that the contact you want to screen share with must have a Mac as well. This does not work for iPhone + Mac.

How to start Screen Sharing:

  1. In a Messages Chat, click Details or details icon in the upper-righthand corner for the person you'd like to share with.

  2. Click the screen-sharing icon that looks like two squares overlapping each other, then choose one of the following: • Share your screen: Choose Invite to Share My Screen. • View your friend’s screen: Choose Ask to Share Screen.

  3. When the screen-sharing request is accepted, an audio call begins automatically (so you can talk while you work) and the Screen Sharing app opens.

How to stop Screen Sharing:

  1. To stop screen sharing, do one of the following: • If you’re sharing your screen: Click in the menu bar, then choose End Screen Sharing. (If you’re not ready to stop yet, choose Pause Screen Sharing; choose it again to resume sharing.) • If you’re viewing your friend’s screen: Choose Screen Sharing > Quit Screen Sharing.

For additional information, including troubleshooting, see:


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