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Pro Tip: How to use Dictation on Mac

Typing may feel second nature, but it can get difficult under certain circumstances. Injuries, motor impairments, and personal preferences can make typing more of a chore. When using Apple's Dictation, you can use your voice rather than using your keyboard. This also works for punctuation and special characters.

How to enable Dictation:

  • Go to System Preferences

  • Click Keyboard

  • On the far right, click Dictation

  • Toggle "on"

  • Apple will elaborate what Dictation does in a prompt, click "Enable Dictation".

  • Next, you can customize which language you'd prefer as well as a keyboard shortcut. By default, it's tapping the control key twice.

Now, you can click to add text in a text document, address bar, text message, etc., by tapping the shortcut key you chose, you'll quickly be able to audibly display what you want written on-screen. Whenever you double-tap your shortcut key, you'll see a microphone icon, which means it's recording and ready to go.



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