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Pro Tip: How to utilize the iPhone App Privacy Report

App Privacy Report makes it easy to see which apps have access to your data like your location, camera, microphone, and more. It’s one of Apple’s best new privacy enhancements and is now available in iOS 15.2.

In addition to being able to see which apps have access, you can also see information about each app's network activity and website network activity, as well as the web domains that all apps contact most frequently. Together with Privacy Nutrition Labels, App Privacy Report helps give you a more complete picture of how the apps you use treat your data.

How to enable App Privacy Report

  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Tap Privacy

  3. Scroll down and tap on App Privacy Report (located at the very bottom of the page)

  4. On the App Privacy Report screen, tap Turn On App Privacy Report

App Privacy Report starts gathering information only after you turn it on, so it may take a little time for details to appear. You’ll see more info as you continue using apps on your device. The data in your App Privacy Report is encrypted and stored only on your device.



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