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Pro Tip: iCloud Account Recovery on iOS

Your password is like your keys, without you may feel lost. Whether you forgot your iCloud password or entered the wrong one too many times, there's another way to retrieve it without relying on Apple support. With iOS 15, you can select a trusted contact or contacts (i.e. close friends, parents, siblings, etc.) to help unlock your account.

How to choose account recovery contact(s)

  • Open Settings

  • Tap your name at the top

  • Select Password & Security > Account Recovery > Add Recovery Contact

Next, you'll be given basic information about the feature, along with the ability to select who you'd like to add as a recovery contact. Once selected, a message will be sent to the chosen contact(s) - you'll be able to tweak the message as you see fit before sending it. The contact(s) will need to accept the request.


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