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Pro Tip: Interact with text in a photo on Mac

In Photos, you can use Live Text to copy and use the text that appears in a photo. For example, you can copy the text of a roadside sign and paste it into a text message or email. You can look up the meaning of words, do a web search, and even translate text into another language. If a photo shows a phone number, website, or email address, you can use it to make a call, open a website, or address an email.

How to use Live Text

  • Go to the Photos app on your Mac

  • Open a photo that shows text

  • Control-click your selection and choose Copy (or Command-C), then paste the text into another document or app

Depending on what the text is in the selected photo, there's various ways of using the text (i.e., phone numbers, emails, websites, etc.)


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