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Pro Tip: Organize Home Screen Pages on iPhone

With iOS15, you can manage your iPhone's Home Screens with ease by rearranging or deleting them. Sometimes, one Home Screen is more important than the next, while others may feel unnecessary or distracting. Apps within Home Screens you delete will remain in your App Library.

How to Reorder and Delete Home Screens

  • Toggle jiggle mode by holding your finger on an empty space on the Home Screen.

  • Tap the dots right above the dock to access Home Screen pages view.

  • To reposition Home Screens, drag them as if they're apps, and reorder them however you'd like.

  • To delete Home Screens, tap the checkmark underneath the Home Screen that you want to remove.

  • Next, tap the minus (-) in the lefthand corner of the home screen you'd like deleted, then tap "confirm".



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