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Pro Tip: Report Incidents and Issues in Maps on iPhone

In the Maps app on iPhone, you can report incidents or issues such as accidents, hazards, speed checks, road work, etc. There are a few ways on reporting incidents or Issues.

How to report an incident with Siri or CarPlay

  • Activate Siri by saying something like: "Hey Siri, report an accident" or "Hey Siri, there's something in the road."

  • If you're connected to CarPlay, you can tap the Report icon on the CarPlay display

How to report an incident while using turn-by-turn directions

  • Tap the gray arrow at the bottom of the screen

  • Tap Report an Incident

  • Tap Crash, Hazard, Speed Check, or Roadwork.

How to report an Issue or Inicident from the main Maps screen

  • Tap your image next to the search field

  • Tap Reports

  • Select an option like Report Street Issue or Report Place Issue

  • Enter your information

  • Tap Agree

  • Fill-in the information for the issue

  • When you're done, tap Send

Any incidents you report will be logged into the Maps app in the Reports menu under Incidents Reported.


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