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Pro Tip: Send and receive audio messages on iPhone

You can use the Messages app to record and send audio messages, along with transcripts of what’s said in the message in select languages. Audio messages are automatically deleted to save space on your iPhone, but if you want to save them, you can.

Record audio messages

  • Open Messages

  • Start a new message or open a pre-existing conversation, tap +, then tap Audio

  • Begin speaking and tap the stop button to pause or end your recording

  • After recording, you can immediately send it, tap the play button to listen and review it, tap + to add to the message, or tap X to cancel

Listen or reply to a recording audio message

  • Open Messages

  • Open a conversation with an audio message, then tap the play button to listen

  • You can slide right/left to fast-forward or rewind or tap the play or pause button to adjust playback speed

  • Tap Keep to save an audio message in the conversation

You can also save a recording to the Voice Memos app. Touch and hold the audio message, then tap Save to Voice Memos.


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