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Pro Tip: Share passkeys and passwords securely with AirDrop on iPhone

Use AirDrop to securely share passkeys and passwords for website and app accounts with someone using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


  • Firstly, iCloud Keychain must be set up on your iPhone

  • The person you're sharing with must be in your contacts list including the email address the said contact uses for iCloud

  • You must also be a contact in the other person's iPhone along with the email you use for iCloud

Send a password or passkey

  • To share, ask the contact to open Control Center and allow AirDrop to receive items

  • On your iPhone, open Settings > Passwords

  • Tap the account you want to share

  • Tap the Share button then select the device or picture of the person you want to send the passkey or password to

Receive a password or passkey

  • In Control Center, allow AirDrop to receive items

  • When you receive a request to accept a passkey or password from someone else, tap Accept


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