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Pro Tip: Stop phone carriers from tracking your data

Phone carriers actively track your personal information, sometimes selling it for targeted advertising. Many of us would prefer not to share this information and each major carrier provides a way to stop this. Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are the most prominent carriers that track your location, web history, and more.

Stop T-Mobile data tracking

  • Install and log into the T-Mobile App

  • Go to My Account > Profile > Privacy and Notifications > Advertising and Analytics

  • Tap your name

  • Next to Use my data to make ads more relevant to me, toggle the switch off

  • Next to Use my data for analytics and reporting, toggle the switch off

Stop Verizon data tracking

  • After logging into the Verizon App, click the gear icon to access the settings page

  • Tap Preferences > Manage privacy settings > tap the phone line you want to manage

  • Tap Custom Experience and toggle the switch off for each phone number

  • Tap Custom Experience Plus and once again, toggle the switch off for each phone number

Stop AT&T data tracking

  • From a web browser, log into your AT&T account

  • Click this link to access the control panel

  • Next to the section Control How We Use Your Data, click all the switches for each option to off for all phone numbers



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