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Pro Tip: Type the Apple logo on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

It's fairly common to see the Apple logo instead of the word Apple typed out in various places. So you might be wondering, how can I type this on my Mac, iPhone or iPad?

How to type the Apple logo on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

On Mac

  1. Simply use the keyboard shortcut, Option + Shift + K (⌥⇧K)

  2. You can also type it on Mac, iPhone, and iPad with a Text Replacement shortcut

  3. On your Mac head to System Preferences + Keyboard + Text to create a new Text Replacement

  4. If you’re using the same iCloud account across all of your Apple devices, that Text Replacement made on Mac will work on iPhone and iPad

On iPhone & iPad

  1. To create the Apple logo Text Replacement on iOS, head to Settings on your iPhone or iPad

  2. Tap General + Keyboard + Text Replacement

  3. Tap the + in the top right corner

  4. Copy and paste an instance of the Apple character in the Phrase field. Now enter your Text Replacement in the Shortcut field

  5. Tap Save in the top right corner, now you can use the shortcut phrase to quickly type the Apple logo


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