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Pro Tip: Use your mouse to zoom in on anything on Mac

When viewing documents, images, or a webpage, this simple accessibility tip will make it much easier to zoom in. Rather than zooming on specific windows, this feature zooms into everything, so you won't need to highlight anything beforehand. Rather than using exclusively keyboard shortcuts, this feature relies on scrolling to zoom.

How to enable accessible zooming

  • Open System Preferences

  • Click Accessibility

  • Click Zoom on the left column

  • Check Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom

  • Select which key you'd like to use in the dropdown menu

Now, whenever you'd like to easily zoom, simply hold down whichever key you selected and start scrolling. Furthermore, under "Zoom Style" you can select how zooming will appear on your screen (e.g. Full screen, Split screen, Picture-in-picture).



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