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Pro Tip: Using AirPlay to Mirror on Mac

AirPlay mirroring lets you share what’s on your Apple device — websites, presentations, spreadsheets — with everyone in the room on a bigger screen. Beforehand, devices you want content mirrored onto must be compatible with AirPlay and connected to the same network as your Mac. Devices compatible with AirPlay include; Apple TV, (some) Smart TVs, and any other systems that run AirPlay.

How to Mirror

  • Open Control Center in the menu bar

  • Click Screen Mirroring

  • Next, there will be a list of devices that your Mac detected in the same network

  • Click the desired device(s) to begin mirroring

  • Whichever devices are currently mirroring will display a blue icon, signifying they're active

  • To stop mirroring, simply re-click the active device(s)

  • To control the layout of Screen Mirroring, open System Preferences > Displays > AirPlay Display Menu.


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