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SignEasy for touchless contract signing

Skip the scanning, printing and faxing!

Signatures are an important part of everything you do, from signing sales contracts to hiring employees and finalizing agreements. Over the last few months, the way we do business has evolved at breakneck speed, swapping in-person and analog processes for touches technologies. That's why we've partnered with SignEasy, to provide a fast, safe, and completely contactless way to sign documents of all kinds – no scanning, printing, or faxing required!

As a Lotus TechPros customer, you can now use SignEasy within your existing workflows and applications, like 130,000 the professionals at 32,000 companies around the world. Small businesses love SignEasy as it's the simplest yet most powerful way to sign documents and is truly mobile-first.

Contact Lotus TechPros to get started with SignEasy!

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