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Tip: Use your iPhone as a webcam on Mac

Utilize Continuity Camera to transform your iPhone into a webcam or microphone for your Mac, tapping into the impressive capabilities of the iPhone camera and accessing additional video effects. Establish a connection seamlessly either wirelessly or through a USB cable for a wired setup.

Before you can use the Continuity Camera feature, you need to do the following:

Use your iPhone as a webcam or microphone

  1. On your Mac, open any app that has access to the camera or microphone, like FaceTime or Photo Booth.

  2. In the app’s menu bar or settings, choose your iPhone as the camera or microphone. The Continuity app opens on your iPhone and begins streaming audio or video from the rear camera to your Mac. Note: In order to use your iPhone as a microphone on a Mac without a built-in camera, the iPhone must be in landscape orientation and stationary, and have its screen turned off. Alternatively, you can plug your iPhone into your Mac with a USB cable.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • Pause the video or audio: On your iPhone, tap Pause, or swipe up to unlock it.

    • Resume the video or audio: On your iPhone, tap Resume, or press the side button or Sleep/Wake button to lock it.

    • Stop using your iPhone as a webcam or microphone: On your Mac, quit the app.

    • Remove your iPhone as an option: On your iPhone, tap Disconnect, then confirm that you would like to disconnect. Your iPhone is removed from the camera and microphone lists in apps, and also from the list of sound input devices in Sound settings. To add your iPhone back, connect it to your Mac with a USB cable.


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