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At Lotus TechPros, we've fixed everything about IT. Now you can get the newest Apple products, up-to-date apps, expert installation, and the proactive support you need, all for one predictable flat monthly fee. With Lotus TechPros preventing problems and security incidents before they happen, your employees can get more done every day—and you can stop wasting time with ineffective IT support. We call our solution [Complete]®. It’s IT Made Simple.

About [Complete]®


[Complete]® is engineered to prevent technical problems and security incidents from occurring in the first place. With quality hardware, expert installation, smart security configurations and proactive maintenance, [Complete]® dramatically reduces downtime.


When problems do occur, Lotus TechPros resolves them quickly and permanently, with no surprise break-fix fees. IT Made Simple.

[Complete]® Four Areas of Optimization


Right away, you will see the difference in four key areas:


  1. Productivity

  2. User experience

  3. Tech support

  4. Security

  • Management loves [Complete]® because it improves employee productivity and lowers IT costs.

  • Employees love [Complete]® because it improves upon Apple's already stellar consumer experience and extends this experience across an entire business.

  • The IT department loves [Complete]® because it lowers support needs significantly while establishing security compliance.

[Complete]® Includes

Why Lotus TechPros


About Lotus TechPros Lotus TechPros is an Applecentric proactive managed IT reliability provider.

For a flat monthly fee, our [Complete]® program upgrades your business with new Apple devices and necessary networking hardware, plus professional IT services for your office, remote workers, cloud services and cybersecurity.

In short, you get the latest technology and ongoing support, with no capital expenditures or surprise support bills—ever.

By leveraging 30 years of proprietary best-practices and automation, the Lotus TechPros team delivers outstanding results at lower costs than traditional or internal IT. IT Made Simple.

IT Made Simple.

Macs and iPads


AWith a [Complete]® service agreement, Lotus TechPros includes new Macs and iPads, along with key networking devices, that significantly increase employee productivity and reduce support needs. Plus, you have no up front costs because it’s all covered in your [Complete]® monthly payment. We can also manage newer Macs and iPads you already own.

VoIP Phones


VoIP Phones  Your business depends on your ability to communicate with customers, suppliers, and partners. [Complete]® can include a voice-over-IP phone system that enables employees to make and receive calls and text messages on their business numbers from anywhere: a desk phone, mobile phone, or computer. Direct-dial numbers eliminate the need for a receptionist to route calls, keep business and personal calls separate, and ensure continuity during employee turnover. There’s no on-premises hardware—the [Complete]® VoIP system is entirely cloud-based—so it works even if your office is closed or suffering a power outage. What’s not to like—more features, less maintenance, and lower costs than a traditional office phone system!

Expert Installation


Part of what makes [Complete]® special is its combination of high-quality hardware and carefully designed installation processes. Rather than time spent chasing gremlins in old, poorly maintained hardware, [Complete] ensures your IT infrastructure is clean is clean from the start and has a strong foundation. 

Ongoing Maintenance


With [Complete]®, we don’t wait for problems. Instead, we rely on industry-leading device management software to monitor the health of every device and address issues early so they don't impact your business. We can even detect failing devices and replace them before they cause downtime. We also implement security and system updates regularly to assure your data is protected.

Hardware Warranties


We choose the most reliable products, however, devices can still fail on occasion. With [Complete]®, that’s our problem not yours. We replace failed devices immediately so you can get back to work. We then deal with the supplier independently to get your devices repaired or replaced. You don’t have to contact the suppliers, wait for a replacement and for the replacement to be setup, and you don’t get a bill for repairs or service calls.

Technical Support


We’ve designed [Complete]® to minimize the likelihood problems will occur in the first place. But whether it’s misbehaving apps or human error, we’re always available to help. And [Complete]® tech support doesn’t cost extra. We don’t expect you’ll need to call us much, but we’re right here if you do.

Security and Backups


Data security hinges on keeping bad guys out of your systems and making sure you have reliable backups in case of hardware failure, ransomware, theft, or extreme weather events. [Complete]® provides tools and training you need to ensure security. Our proactive security strategy is to do everything we can to proactively prevent breaches, data loss or business interruption. Should a disaster occur, our security strategy is designed to get you back in business quickly, even in extreme situations.

Professional IT Team


[Complete]® is delivered by a team of dedicated, experienced technology professionals – Apple-certified consultants who design and install systems.  Each client has a dedicated coordinator who ensures quick responses. More than just the sum of its parts, our team combines a wide array competencies to develop creative solutions that solve problems quickly and effectively.

No Upfront Cost


A [Complete]® contract is a flat-fee plan that’s simple to work into a budget and has no hard-to-approve capital expenses. [Complete]® provides Macs, iPads, and networking gear, installation, ongoing tech support, maintenance, repairs, and more. You avoid pouring money into one of the fastest depreciating asset types — technology – and your monthly flat fee is a predictable business expense you can write off entirely as it occurs. Best of all, every 3 years, we refresh your systems with the latest devices so you always have the latest tech at your fingertips.

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